Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I Wanna Go To Busan

I so wanna go to Busan!
not just cause I must go to Korea, though that is rather big.
But the reason right now is the BIFF program has just been released and woe be Jesus it has a rather large number of films I'd like to see. Where do I start?
With the Master.
Sion Sono, prolific in the kitchen, dish em up and I'll gobble em down.
The Land of Hope is a good place to start the list. More family dysfunction? most probably. Certainly the focus is on the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan to its very core. Chaotic Social Mores.

"When I thought about "the future" of children born today, I could not stop myself start writing the script. I hope this tragedy will never happen in anywhere around the world any more.” – Sion Sono.

It premiered recently in Toronto but I'd be happy to see it in Busan. Crazy Trailer! Oh and did I mention Megumi (神楽坂恵) is also in it ...of course.
Plus it was the winner of Best Asian Film, TIFF 2012!!!!!!

The Land of Hope - Sion Sono
Whilst on the subject of Masters, lets segway to the Philippines and specifically Brillante Mendoza. Now he's been on a roll lately and he has two films in Busan.

The first is Captive, a tough tale of Islamic Separatists from down South who kidnap 20 people and are then hounded by the army across land and sea.
Like Sion, Brillante has his favourites and so of course Mercedes Cabral is in this film but of interest is the staring role of Isabelle Huppert (French film royalty?) and having seen her in Hong Sang soo's In Another Country (where I thought she was brilliant) I would love to see her in this much tougher, grittier setting. Check the trailer

The second is Thy Womb, now this is fresh off causing a stir at Venice this year. 5 min ovation (whatever that means?) but also Nora Aunor was given a Bisato d'Oro (Golden Eel) and the director recieved a La Naviccella/Venezia Cinema, this is an award for films that affirm Human values.
Sinapupunan (Thy Womb) is about a midwife who cannot have children but the really interesting aspect for me is that she is Bajau. From a community of 'sea gypsys' that live on the coast in small villages of stilt houses over the sea. I know this is interesting because at MIFF I saw a beautiful Indonessian film The Mirror Never Lies by Kamila Andini which was also set in a Bajau village.
Besides Nora putting in a knock out performance she is accompanied by Bembol Roco, Mercedes Cabral and Lovi Poe, the last two most verily accomplished, stunning and beautiful actresses.

Brillante Mendoza & Nora Aunor
Lovi Poe

Mercedes Cabral
Whilst on the subject of Pinoy Films, reason number four would be?
I so fuck'n sick and tired of tracking all these films coming out of the Philippines and waiting for MIFF so that I can see one or two of them and for the second year running having none in the line up. NONE!....why??
I don't know why?
But I so wanna go to Busan because it is showing ten Pinoy films plus some shorts
Shackled by Lawrence Fajardo
Kalayaan by Adolfo Borinaga Alix JR.
BreakAway by Ian Lorenos
Diablo by Mes De Guzman
Apparition by Vincent Sandoval
Aurora, My Aurora by Janus Victoria (short)
Serenade by Benito Bautista

and gee I haven't even stated on the Korean films
I so wanna go to Busan!

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