Monday, 9 November 2015

Of Debut Features and World Premieres

A couple of reviews I've done for Filmed in Ether recently. Two films I saw at BIFF, both Korean and both really good but in different ways.

The Debut Feature.
I've been a long time fan of debut feature films from Korea, the standard seems to be consistently good and this little cracker Office is no exception. It's not like the director Hong Won-chan is straight out of film school, he is a seasoned writer but this is his debut feature and it's tight, thrilling and a great watch.
High production values and accomplished direction go beyond the expectations of a debut feature film. Hong Won-chan has skillfully woven a compelling narrative and he uses suspense and shock with a deft hand creating more than a few ‘out of your seat’ moments and some inspired twists that draw us deeper into the dark world of the office. Long lonely nights of overtime become a liability to those who are striving to get ahead and one by one unjust bullies and bitches get their just rewards......
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Ko Ah-sung's cheeky smile post Q&A defies her maniacal character from Office or does it?

The World Premiere.
Always a joy being amongst the first to see a good film, this is what I really enjoy about BIFF.
Two Rooms Two Nights is a little bit Hong Sang Soo ish but it is a whole lot more than a cheap imitation.
A great commentary on the foibles and failings  of what it is to be a man. Not all of us of course but I challenge you not to relate to any of this.

There are many jokes and funny scenarios that roll out as our two-timing anti-hero bumbles and fumbles his way around town, digging his grave deeper with each lie he tells. It’s a tragic fable of lie upon lie in order to conceal his treachery and lust for female flesh. He is a truly flawed fellow. 
Park Gyu-lee
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Chae Jeong-an

Kim Jae-wook

Regardless of any comparisons this is a really funny film and the two women blitz the guy something stupid, it's great to watch even though it may be somewhat squirmy, for the males.

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